The Consumerism Detox: How to become a Mindful Fashion Lover

Just like writing and painting, fashion can be a means of expressing feelings and beliefs.

The garments you wear can be representative of your cultural heritage, of the social causes you believe in, or of the tiny personality quirks that make you, you.

But, in the age of fast fashion, more and more women find it hard to use clothing as a means of self-expression because fashion, unfortunately, also has a darker side. It can be used as a tool of consumerism, to create a uniform, to tell people what to wear and how.

The cycle of fashion can be chaotic, making you doubt yourself and forcing you to purchase erratically just to fit in.

If opening your wardrobe in the morning makes you feel insecure and uncomfortable, it’s time to reevaluate your relationship with fashion and learn how to dress mindfully, focusing on happiness, not trends.

Reflection time: what does fashion mean to you?

The first step to dressing mindfully is understanding your own relationship with fashion. What do clothes mean to you? Ask yourself what your favorite garments are and why you tend to gravitate toward them. Don’t focus so much on trends or categories of clothing, but on how certain items make you feel and how they allow you to express who you are.

Don’t let a magazine tell you what to wear. Developing your own fashion sense is a personal matter, based on what makes you feel comfortable, confident, and powerful.

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