28 Outdated Relationship Rules That Guys Want To Put an End To ASAP and For Really Good Reasons

We need to consider that many dating rules that we follow as law are actually not doing guys any favors.

Relationships are changing all the time. Some of the dating rules that worked for your parents and grandparents are pretty outdated today. Although we tend to focus on the way dating has changed for women, such as how women shouldn’t feel they have to play hard to get, we also need to consider that many dating rules that we follow as law are actually not doing guys any favors. For example, is it really fair that a guy always has to assume that he should pay for the first date? Should guys always be the ones to ask a woman out on a date? Although some of these ideas are slowly changing, there’s still an unwritten rule that guys need to do the chasing and put in more effort than women. But enough is enough, and men are on board with making much-needed changes. For example, when it comes to asking each other out on a date, a study by Match.com found that 65 percent of men have been asked out on a date by a woman, and 91 percent of men are totally cool with women making the first move. See? Here are some outdated relationship rules that guys want to put an end to ASAP – and for really good reasons.

28. Guys Have To Be The Ones To Propose Marriage

Sadly, it’s still rare for women to propose to men. Why aren’t more women asking for their boyfriend’s hand in marriage? There’s still a powerful idea in society that men have to be the ones to sweep women off their feet and ask them to marry them. They have to ask the woman’s father for permission and/or buy the woman a sparkly diamond engagement ring. These traditions are hardwired into society and it’s going to be difficult to eradicate them. Yet, it’s reassuring that some men think that it’s about time for more women to take the lead and ask men to marry them. In fact, why not? As columnist Tom Miller explains in an article on Em & Lo,

“I have a good friend who proposed to her husband and I thought it was pretty cool. I’ve certainly been asked out by a few ladies and I’m not sure why this is too-too different. I’m not sure what the engagement ring protocol is at that point, but I’m sure we’d figure it out.”

“And if she felt goofy about the whole thing later, we could always go through the dad/ring/bent knee/flop sweat/she said yes motions of the traditional proposal.” Nicely said!

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