Fat Girl Hiking: Thoughts and 14 Smart Tips for the Overweight Hiker

Women, don’t let your size or your weight stop you from achieving your dreams of being an avid outdoors woman!


Hi, I’m Heather. I’m an overweight 30 year old gal. No, I’m not lazy, nor a couch potato. This is me in the summer of 2017 at Glacier National Park. My mother and I hiked the Avalanche Lake Trail this day and it was amazing! This glacial lake was an epic treat after a 4.5 mile hike with roughly a 700 feet elevation gain.

The whole hike was amazing. It started with a calm and enjoyable trek around the ancient Trail of the Cedars and then followed along the Avalanche Gorge that allowed us to take some beautiful photos of the formations that the cascading creek carved the stones into.  I was amazed at the color of the water and the color of the rocks!

The hike itself offered a great challenge but wasn’t too strenuous. It was the perfect combination of enjoyment and challenge. My own personal body weight and a daypack that weighed roughly 10-15 pounds was what made it a little hard. It’s obvious by my appearance that I don’t look like the average hiking girl that you see on Instagram news feeds, but that’s what I am; an avid hiking girl with a love of the outdoors and numerous outdoor activities.

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