Christopher Wylie, The Whistleblower Of the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica Scandal Leakage

The Facebook Account, Whatsapp, and Instagram Are Suspended

After this scandal spread and became news coverage of many media, Wylie’s Facebook account is suspended over this incident. He claims that the WhatsApp and Instagram accounts, which are also under Facebook, are suspended even though WhatsApp representatives have denied this.

Wylie explains the consequences of disclosing personal information on social media.

“In social media, you are curious about yourself, you put a lot of information about who you are in one place, which can be captured easily and run through algorithms that will learn who you are,” he said.

Wylie admitted regret falling into this scandal.

“I’m sorry the case is obviously unethical because you play the psychology of all states in the US without them knowing and understanding,” I’m this Canadian.

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