Christopher Wylie, The Whistleblower Of the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica Scandal Leakage

Utilizing Psychology to Influence Voters

Wylie had said that he had made a psychological war weapon for Steve Bannon. According to him, Steve is very ambitious because he believes that to change politics must change the culture first because politics flows in the culture. Then to change the culture, then change the community.

“If you want to change society, destroy it first, then collect the pieces into new communities according to your vision,” added the PhD student majoring in fashion forecasting trend.

Wylie then designed Psychological Operations (Psyop), an operation to convey certain information, affect the emotions of the audience, motivate and give objective reasons. To explore voters, they collect data for many people to build their psychological profile.

“We target them not as voters, but as personal politics”, Wylie said.

Afterwards, creative teams, designers, videographers, and photographers create content that will be sent to the target-in this case the prospective voters-that are spread to the internet.

Creating sites, blogs, and any content, as long as the target can be easy to find, click on it, then let them go deeper into the construction built through psychology.

Wylie also explained, if this way is different from the conservative way with the narration in public.

“You can whisper into every target ear, even whispering things differently from one target to another, we’re taking risks to framing people,” Wylie added.

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