Christopher Wylie, The Whistleblower Of the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica Scandal Leakage

Christopher Wylie (28), or familiarly called Wylie, suddenly busy discussed in the mass media. Wylie is a whistleblower aka prompter, or rather a leaky scandal of Facebook user’s personal data theft by a data analysis firm, Cambridge Analytica, where he worked.

He is known to start working at Cambridge Analytica in 2014. Thanks to his brilliant talent in programming and data science, he was lined up as head of the Cambridge Analytica researcher.

Previously, Wylie worked for Alexander Nix at Strategic Communication Laboratories (SCL), a private British behavioural research and strategic communication company.

In mid 2013, Wylie met Steve Bannon, editor of BreitBart News Networking who later became CEO of Donald Trump’s campaign team in the United States (US) election in 2016. Bannon also served as senior counselor of President Trump.

Bannon, who was preparing Donald Trump’s campaign at the time, became Nix’s target. Nix was well aware that Bannon represented himself as an intellectual so Nix felt he needed to represent his agency like Bannon.

He then set up a fake office in Cambridge to bring in a group from London every visiting Bannon to impress Bannon if their institution operated on an academic basis. It was then that office that became the headquarters of Cambridge Analytica.

In an interview with The Guardian, Wylie confessed to meeting Robert Mercer with Bannon and Nix. Wylie confess if Bannon seduced Robert Mercer, one of the US billionaire, to invest.

Mercer is one of the key figures in the campaign calling on Britain to quit the EU or the British Exit (Brexit) that took place in 2016. He also became one of the right-wing leaders in the US who supported Trump in contesting US elections.

The meeting resulted in an injection of 15 million dollars for Cambridge Analytica.

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