Classic Cars Review: Why This Volkswagen Beetle Could Be The Perfect EV Classic

15 years ago, the average gearhead would have told you the auto-apocalypse was nearing. “Oil is drying up, the government is out to ruin car culture, and it won’t be long before we’re all zipping around in soulless electric snoozemobiles,” the melodramatics would declare.

But that concern doesn’t seem to be so prevalent today. Perhaps it’s manufacturers like Tesla that have changed the minds of motorists, but it doesn’t seem to be all so doom and gloom now that we’ve been exposed to a few cool electric cars. While I’m a proponent of petrol power and always will be, the idea of daily driving a hybrid or an EV doesn’t seem too threatening so long as we can still have our fun weekenders—but what about combining the two somehow?

While my initial response towards the idea of a rechargeable classic was an unapologetic, “Hell no,” Morgan’s retro electric 3-wheeler admittedly piqued my interest, so perhaps there’s room for an exception—a converted-to-electric classic that’d get the nod of approval from the motoring masses, but what car could pull off such an otherwise blasphemous concept? The Volkswagen Beetle, of course.

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