Classic Cars Review: Jaguar XK vs Big Healey, Which One To Buy and is Best to Drive?

There’s always been one upmanship in motoring and probably always will be. When the Jag XK and Austin-Healey sat in the showrooms, it was case of sporty gents bought Browns Lane wares while chaps or blokes in their flat caps probably elected to look to Longbridge (if you want to split hairs, we know Healeys were built by Jensen in West Bromwich but some weren’t-ed!).

Now they are both classics, is there still such a pecking order? Until recently, the answer was yes, to a degree, with the Big Healey trailing the XK (which in turn trailed the E-type) but such dutiful deference is diminishing and they are pretty much on even footings, including general values, so it’s pretty much a case of personal preference as opposed to a class thing. Which is a good thing…

Which one to buy?

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