Classic Cars: Is This Where The Best British Cars Are Kept?

You might know that the UK’s Midlands region is something of an automotive hotspot in the UK—between the many carmakers that have called the region home over the past century, and the countless motor racing teams who operate in the area, it’s probably fair to say it’s the home of the motor car in Britain.

There’s a particularly special village in the Midlands called Gaydon. As the home of Aston Martin, as well as Jaguar Land Rover’s design and engineering site, it’s currently responsible for the production of some of the most prestigious cars in the country. It’s difficult not to notice the camouflaged development mules running on the local roads, as well as a bunch of other incredible machines that the employees drive. It’s a small nirvana for car enthusiasts.

It would only make sense for there to be a museum nearby, right?

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