Classic Car Review: This Art Deco Citroën Roadster Is More Special Than It Looks

The estimate for this RM Sotheby’s lot stretches past a million Euros, which places it in serious company among collectible classics. Some of you may comment that the amount will buy a great classic Ferrari, or a garage full of new Porsches, or a container ship full of Honda Groms—just as long as it’s not spent on a front-wheel-drive Art Deco Roadster from France.

“Would you buy it?” is not a very important question—the car will surely outlive its next few owners—but why is its estimate so high? It’s been repainted over the years, has a reported 74 horsepower, and drum brakes at all four wheels: three details that should send some cognoscenti running for the closest Italian barchetta.

To start, at the very least, you can be assured that some of the most influential automotive engineers had a hand in its construction.

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