A Classic Car: The All-Electric Jaguar E-Type Zero Could Lead Us Into A Tasteful EV Future

Classic Car: At some point the sad inevitability of the gasoline engine’s extinction will be realized, but thankfully it’s a ways away yet. It is coming though, and car companies have invested GDP-like amounts of capital into the development of technologies that will be viable in this coming world. It is pretty remarkable I must admit, but the final form that these labors take usually ends up on the uglier side of the automobile’s aesthetic potential. The Prius, the Leaf, the Volt/Bolt (clever…), the Model X. These are not pretty things.

But then we have sources of hope like this: the Jaguar E-Type Zero. Jaguar Land Rover has its own Classic department, as is the fashion nowadays, but they are doing quite a bit more than the typical provisions of OEM parts and services and the issuance of certificates proving that someone has not in fact built their Jag out of a fiberglass kit (seriously, how much are these certificates worth?). In a stated effort to preserve the viability of classic driving experiences going forward, they’ve taken a solid step toward accomplishing their mission in this E-Type. Constructed from a Series 1.5 Roadster, the car has been converted to solely electric power, while retaining all of the beauty of the ’60s design. In a nice touch, they’ve even set up some of the new EV drivetrain to resemble a straight-six underneath the elegant clamshell hood.

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