95% of Couples Are Not Aware That These 5 Strong Relationship Habits Are Actually Toxic, According to Study

For All Those Times that We Just Needed to Highlight the Issues in Our Relationships that Strengthen Instead of Hurt

Relationships are a complicated creature to understand. We hear all about it from family and friends all the time: you fight, yell at each other, someone’s crying and then suddenly your emotions are all over the place and you’re not sure about your relationship, let alone what you’re going to make for dinner. Then a few days later, you’re holding hands walking down the street all over again, laughing about some stupid meme you saw the other day. Some couples can go on following this pattern for years and still maintain a strong bond throughout all the turmoil of disagreements and screaming matches, while others might be more adamant about solving all their relationship problems right away to avoid conflict may not last as long as long term as others.

And yes, I know what you’re thinking: so, isn’t that a toxic relationship? They’re doomed for failure, especially if they can’t deal with their problems properly.

The straight up answer is: no. Well, not really, anyways. But the good news is that this post isn’t meant to be a ridiculous list of things for you to check off a list in order for you to determine if you’re in a healthy relationship or not. I realized a number of things when I finally found a healthy relationship of my own, so I’m writing this to show you that relationships have every ability to be surprisingly strong, but only if you allow them to practice going through the motions. We are tried and tested in order to bring deeper meaning into our relationships with one another, and these ‘petty arguments’ and ‘selfish rants’ are all part of that story. We’re building up the ol’ relationship muscles whenever we ‘go at it’, so to speak.

So today we are going to redefine the rules and demonstrate the strengths that traditional bad habits of relationships bring to the table in our everyday interactions with one another. I am by far not the best person to ask about how to keep a relationship “forever,” but I do like to think that these points have helped me build the lasting relationships that I do have.


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