9 Signs You’re In An Amazing Relationship, Fighting Is One of the Clues

Ever feel like you’re part of an amazing duo?

Not all couples are created equal. In fact, some are clingy and annoying. You know, the kind who always wears matching outfits and talks about how much they love each other to the point where they sound like battery-operated dolls? Yeah, those couples.

But every now and then, a couple comes along that wows their friends, partnered and single alike. Everyone knows right off the bat that the two people involved are a great match and can’t help but love them together. Are you and your mate an incredible couple? Here’s how to know for sure.

1. You’re both independent.

Each of you has a social life outside of the relationship. You’re not a constant “two-for one” situation, which means you’re each confident and secure. It’s wonderful when this happens, because it’s so irritating when someone can’t be seen without their better half.

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