7 Types Of Men Who Seem Perfect, But Actually Make Terrible Boyfriends, According to Study

If you think he’s too good to be true, you might be right.

Why certain kinds of men may not be the best partners, even if they give you butterflies at first.

Speaking as a guy, I can tell you men play different roles when it makes sense to: friend, brother, co-worker, neighbor, and so on. But when we do that in romantic relationships, some personalities can take on toxic lives of their own. There are seven parts guys often (and sometimes unknowingly) play that sabotage relationships with the women they love. In moderation, these roles are like wine: fine, and sometimes even healthy. But when they become a man’s entire persona, the relationship can turn into a headache of a union that leaves both parties swearing off dating for good.

1. The Father

The man who fills the Father role offers support, safety, and security, all of which are things that go along with an actual father’s providing nature. In reality, the Father doesn’t see his partner as an equal; he sees her as someone who fills the role of a daughter, aka someone he needs to parent. When you’re wrong, he scolds or dominates you to assert his power. This can eventually create a dynamic where you “rebel” to prove you’re an adult, so he tries to control you more, and the cycle continues.

2. The Bad Boy

If romantic comedies have taught us one thing, it’s that the Bad Boy can be pretty alluring. He’s exciting, he’s daring, he’s adventurous, and he often comes with a motorcycle (or at least a leather jacket). He’s attractive because he’s not trying to please anyone; he’s simply being who he is. His major downside is that you can never truly trust him. He’s honest, yes, but he’s only true to himself and out for what he wants. In other words, he’s selfish. This means that if he wants to sleep with another girl, or fifty, he’ll have no qualms about doing so. If anything, the Bad Boy is best as a short-term thrill, not a long-term romantic option with potential.

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