6 Smart Ways To Keep Your Relationship Passionate Without All The Drama, According to Experts

I’ve always gotten myself into complicated relationships. I’ve had my fair share of on-again, off-again relationships. I’ve stayed in relationships for far too long, with psychopaths and assh*les. I realized I did this simply because I didn’t want to be alone.

I thought love was supposed to be complicated. I thought love was supposed to stress you out constantly. I thought love was supposed to be overly intense.

Sh*t. I was wrong this whole time.

It was when I got into my current relationship that I realized love doesn’t have to be as messy as I thought. I’ve concluded love can never be perfect, but it also shouldn’t be a burden. Love is simple.

To love someone means to care, to be honest, to trust, to be loyal and to accept. These concepts shouldn’t lead to complications. If they do, it just means you shouldn’t be together.

Here are some things to do in order to make a relationship simple:

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