6 Classic Cars That Are Way More Fun Than They Should Be

Fun is in the eye of the beholder, but I think we can all agree that classic cars have a lot going for them already. What often comes up around the office, however, are vehicles that are surprisingly fun. This list won’t be about Alfa Romeo’s greatest hits or how fantastic the Porsche 914 drives, because those things are known and not surprising. Would you believe me if I told you one of the most fun cars I’ve ever owned had just 29 horsepower?

Citroën 2CV

Ah, the 2CV, a car I could write about for all eternity…should I be so lucky. Look, they’re not fast, but their frugality combined with great engineering on the parts that are on the car makes for a surprisingly fun experience. The right roads and friends make all the difference, here: though I’ve done multi-hour highway trips in a 2CV, it’s not where the car shines.

Slower in-town jaunts are what the car does well, in addition, tight, flowing, twisting country roads where you’re able to lean on the design pioneered by one of its leadfoot creators, the Monte Carlo Rally-winning André Lefèbvre. (Engineers even made it easy enough to lower the car using simple hand tools…) The car is still raced to this day in many countries…and it can’t be for its modest 29 horsepower output.

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