5 Real Men Explain Why Having An Affair Actually Saved Their Relationships

Is having an affair ever excusable? I understand most implications of an affair are negative, but what if they weren’t all bad?

What if an affair was actually the solution to a slowly diminishing relationship?

This idea was recently exposed in a poll from SeekingArrangement.com, a sugar daddy/sugar baby dating website that encourages wealthy older men to date young, attractive women.

“While it may seem morally deplorable, it turns out a majority of husbands revealed that having a mistress (or multiple) made them a better spouse, father, and lover,” SeekingArrangement says.

Could this be true? Could an affair — a selfish, trust-shattering act that primarily destroys relationships — actually save it?

Some experts argue that, yes, this is possible. An affair can make a stale relationship suddenly more exciting.

You’re probably cheating because something is lacking in your primary relationship, and your on-the-side relationship may help you figure it out.

If we look at our choices to stray in an honest way, we can unlock the real reason why our relationship was in such a stagnant place.

Then, we can try to make our current relationship more authentic, or we can gain a better understanding of ourselves, which leads us away from our partner.

Here, some guys on SeekingArrangement explain why cheating has helped them:

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