41 Non-Physical Things That Make a Man More Attractive (According To Women)

Don’t believe the rumors – women aren’t just looking for abs, man buns, and impossibly white smiles (though they’re all definitely very nice things). Most of the qualities ladies look for aren’t even down to physical appearance, so don’t stress if you haven’t been hitting up the gym. Because there are just so many ways that men can be attractive, we’ve had to compile a mega list of 50 items. So, settle in and get ready to learn what women want. #41 is the most important according to women!

1. A Sense Of Purpose

If you don’t have a sense of purpose in life, it can be a big problem when you get into a relationship. If you meet an interesting woman with lots of projects and purpose in her life, it’s great if you have your own thing going on, too. Women find it attractive when men care about something and dedicate time to it. It could be a career you’re developing, a hobby you’re passionate about, or even some volunteer work that means a lot to you.

Sometimes a purpose doesn’t even have to be something you choose. For example, you may spend a lot of time caring for an elderly relative or tend to other members of your family. All of the above are admirable traits. If you don’t have a purpose, it usually indicates that you’re looking to your partner for answers, which often turns women off.

2. The Ability To Fix Things

Look, we’re not trying to say we don’t value our own ability to fix things – lots of women love their independence and will give most things a try before handing the job over to someone else. But it is definitely attractive when a man knows his way around a tool box. Whether it’s some shelves that need assembling or some outdoor work, it’s very nice to know that you can rely on your man to help you out in a home decorating crisis.

Just to make things clear, there’s no need to be a DIY expert, but the simple ability to put things together, potentially build small objects, mow the lawn if necessary, and hang a picture or two will not go unappreciated! In addition to being attractive, being able to fix things also saves a lot of money.

3. Love For His Family

As we briefly touched on earlier, a man who cares for and loves his family is an almost instant winner when it comes to getting approval from the ladies. When a man cares about his family, it reveals a lot of positive information about him to potential female partners. We’re going to explain why, so you really get where we’re coming from.

Firstly, it shows that he is devoted should he decide to start a family of his own one day. Secondly, it shows that he doesn’t abandon those close to him, even when times get tough. Thirdly, it shows that he is emotionally mature and has the ability to love (believe us, plenty of men don’t have this one!). It’s also very sweet to see a man show non-sexual affection to others – don’t ask us why!

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