21 Millennial Women Share What Their Definition Of A Soulmate Is

A soulmate could mean something different to every single one of us.

Raise your hand if you have ever dreamt of finding your “soulmate”, getting married, and living happily ever after. You know that picture perfect fairy-tale where you find “the one” and you are inseparable because you just get each other! Soulmate means something different to every single one of us. It could be someone to laugh with, someone to go on adventures with, or someone to just sit and watch movies with. Maybe they feel just like home or maybe they challenge you with new and different ideas. All you know is that you just want to spend the rest of your life with them. If you have found your soulmate, good for you! Tell us your secret! If you haven’t, don’t lose hope because they are out there for you! They might show up when you are least expecting it. It could be that cute guy you glance at in class or the super sweet girl you always see in line for coffee. Reddit is a place to talk about literally everything, so why not talk about love? There is such a wide range of definitions for the simple word “soulmate”, but we narrowed it down to 21, brought to you by the wonderful women.

Unconditional Love And Growing Together

One Reddit user, Escapisst, had a very simple, but absolutely perfect definition of a soulmate. Three things, let’s call it the trifecta, that makes a great lifelong partner.

She writes that “someone who gives you unconditional love, someone that helps you grow, and someone who helps you become a better person” is what she expects in a soulmate.

This is so true! You definitely want someone that loves you no matter what. A person that helps you grow and helps you become a better person, instead of inhibiting you, is exactly what everyone deserves in a soulmate. We’ll be looking for this trifecta with everyone we meet.

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