21 Real Men Reveal They Secretly Love These Simple Things in a Relationship

Men and women enjoy many of the same aspects of a relationship, but it’s more often that the woman’s point of view gets shared rather than the man’s. When women get together, they want to share all of their lovey-dovey stories and reveal any big changes they’re experiencing in a new relationship, but when men get together, they’re usually talking about anything but romance; instead, things like their work or their favorite sports teams take precedence in conversation. But it’s about darned time we hear what they have to say about the women in their lives!

Most men can’t just randomly open up about their love lives — they have to be asked. Even then, if they’re not completely comfortable with the person who is asking, the best response might as well be silence; so where can honest feelings be shared anonymously? Reddit! When men are willing to be heard without fear of anyone tracing their feelings back to them, they turn to the almighty internet, where the masses can answer any and all questions without fear of discovery! So what is it men secretly love about being in a relationship? Here are twenty-one confessions from real men who posted their answers on Reddit.

21. Comfortable Silences


“Not feeling weird when there’s nothing to talk about. It’s just like…ok there’s nothing to say. Not like when you’re dating someone new and you’re trying to think of anything to break an uncomfortable silence.” — coys1993

We’ve all fallen victim to the “awkward silence.” When you’re first getting to know someone, running out of things to say can be a bad sign — it can mean that both parties are too nervous to think straight or that neither one of them has anything interesting to share.

The great thing about being in a relationship is that awkward silences become a thing of the past!

When there’s nothing to say, they can just sit together in the car, listening to music or just losing themselves in their own thoughts. There is no anxiety to keep the other person from feeling bored because if they needed any kind of intellectual stimulus, they’d let you know.

When you’re comfortable with another person’s mere presence, the need to speak is no longer a necessity. You can just enjoy the fact that your significant other is physically present should you feel the need to engage in some kind of verbal communication. When they’re alone in their own little world, it’s your opportunity to be free to do the same and, honestly, what could be better than that?

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