20 Men Reveal The Most Intimidating Thing A Girl Can Do In A Relationship

6. She’s “Out Of His League”


When we like someone and want to start a relationship with them, we have to assume that they would like us back. We don’t have to be super conceited (and, of course, we probably shouldn’t be since there is nothing less attractive than that) but we need to believe that we could be attractive and interesting to someone else. And we should also believe that we would make a good girlfriend.

But that being said, we definitely assume that some guys are “too good for us” and that they would never be interested in dating us, and so it would make sense that some guys would like at us that way. Do guys think that some girls are just not going to want to date them? Would they find that intimidating?

“Confidence & beauty. Both indicate higher status than mine = out of league.”

This guy’s Reddit post shows that if a girl seems to be out of his league, she’s both gorgeous and full of confidence, and he finds that intimidating. We always hear that if you want to be attractive to someone else, you have to be confident, so it’s a bit disheartening to know that some guys might find that tough to deal with. But, hey, that just means that we need to wait for someone who won’t find that intimidating and who will love how self-assured we are.

5. She’s Got A Good Job


Most of us would say that we’re not really all that interested in dating an unemployed guy. Sure, a good guy might be out of work for various reasons and it’s not always someone’s fault, and of course, we could start dating him and he finds employment ASAP. But that’s not usually the case and sometimes, a guy without a job doesn’t have a great work ethic and he seems pretty undesirable.

We would assume that guys would like if we had a really good job and had figured out what kind of career path we wanted to go down… and yet that’s not always the case.

“Highly paid professional job. Being a highly paid professional is like my only real advantage.”

As this guy said on Reddit, he doesn’t want to date a girl who has a good job and gets paid a lot. As he put it, that’s something that he has, and he figures that’s his most attractive quality. It’s a real shame to hear that, don’t we think?! It’s amazing to have a good job and we should never feel bad about that, but that just means that if a guy is intimidated by our career, he’s not the right one for us.

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