20 Men Reveal The Most Intimidating Thing A Girl Can Do In A Relationship

16. She Judges Too Much


Sometimes it’s impossible not to judge someone. Even if we want to be the nicest people ever, we can’t help but make comparisons and judgment calls. It might not be that sweet to think that a friend’s new haircut isn’t the most flattering thing ever, just like it’s not nice to look down on someone for having a certain job.

But if a friend does something cruel to another friend, we can absolutely judge them and think that was the wrong choice to make. So why would guys be intimidated by a woman? Could it have something to do with her being judgemental (but the bad kind)?

“That would depend entirely on the woman. Some are intimidating because they’re demeaning and judgmental, others are confident and secure with who they are. The former is bad, the latter is good.”

Well, at least this guy’s Reddit post tells us that sometimes being intimidating can be a positive thing. If a woman is confident, then that’s intimidating but it doesn’t seem like it would scare him away or make him not want to date her. If she’s mean and judges people, that would still be intimidating but he wouldn’t be interested, and, well, we can agree that’s not great.

15. She’s Tall And Has A Certain Look


Even though we might think that tall girls and shorter girls have nothing in common since those are two different things, they both might worry if they’re, well, too tall or too short. And they’ll probably hear about it from other kids when they’re growing up and in school or maybe from people that they’re dating, which definitely sucks. People should be a lot nicer. You know, just as a general life rule, but it applies to dating too for sure.

“Height, and being what I describe is dangerously attractive. Being confident in her looks, knows she turns heads but it is silent about it; assertive in a way. I like the brunette-serious eyebrows and glasses kind of look.”

This guy’s Reddit post tells us that some guys are intimidated by tall girls, which we might not think makes that much sense. We can’t do much about how tall or short we are (okay, we can’t do anything), so this seems kind of unfair. But we can’t win them all and impress everyone. Not every guy is going to like us and thinks that we’re girlfriend material, just like not every guy will be boyfriend material in our eyes, and that’s okay.

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