20 Men Reveal The Most Intimidating Thing A Girl Can Do In A Relationship

2. It’s Just Everything


Sometimes we meet a guy and we can’t quite put our finger on why we might not want to date him. He could be perfectly nice and fine and boyfriend material, at least in the eyes of someone else, but it’s just not going to work for us. If a friend asked us why we didn’t like him or want to be his girlfriend, we might say “it’s everything” and that we don’t have a specific reason.

“Shouldn’t be anything, but for me it’s everything. I still have a hard time believing any woman could be interested in me.”

According to this guy’s Reddit post, he sometimes gets intimidated by “everything” about a girl. He also mentioned that he gets insecure about a girl liking him, which definitely makes us want to tell him that there will be a girl who will be into him and he doesn’t have to worry about that. If we’ve ever been in a situation where we wondered why a guy didn’t want to commit to us when we knew that we’ve got a good job and work ethic and are interesting and everything like that, it could be that he just finds us generally intimidating. It sucks, but this is definitely going to happen.

1. She’s Fit And Doing Well In Life


Most of us would agree that it’s awesome to get into a fitness routine and live a healthy lifestyle. Whether yoga or barre or Crossfit or running is our jam, we’re happy and healthy and it’s pretty awesome. If we add career success on top of that, we’re basically living our best lives and should be so proud of ourselves.

But is that a bad thing for our love life? If we’ve wondered if some guys are intimidated by how well we’re doing, we might have thought that made us sound kind of full of ourselves. It’s actually a thing, though, at least according to this guy’s post on Reddit.

“Fitness, accomplishment, all the usual stuff. I don’t resent any of it, good for her, I just tell myself that she could never be interested in me (with all that entails), so why bother?”

It’s a shame that some guys think that if a girl is fit and doing well in her life, that automatically means that she wouldn’t like him and want to date him. After all, sometimes opposites do attract. We can still date someone even if we’re not at the same place career-wise — couples inspire and support one another, and one person can really help the other one reach their full potential. There’s really nothing to be intimidated about.

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