20 Men Reveal The Most Intimidating Thing A Girl Can Do In A Relationship

4. She’s Motherly


Some girls act like the mom of their friend group or even toward their coworkers. They bring in treats and ask people if they ate lunch and want to be a support system. It’s sweet and cute and generally considered to be a good thing.

It’s not usually considered to be a good thing if a girl mothers her boyfriend or husband. Sure, couples should take care of each other but it should totally go both ways and be an equal thing. If a guy wants his girlfriend to act like his mom, it’s safe to say that he might have some things to work out. Maybe he’s never really taken the time and made the effort to grow up and maybe he expects others to always do things for him… and, well, that’s not the best kind of person to date.

We might not think that guys would think that a motherly girl would be intimidating, but according to someone on Reddit, it can be.

“she acts like a mother.”

It’s tough to know why this would be a problem, but maybe some people want to be independent and don’t want someone to take care of them and make sure that they’re happy and doing well.

3. She Doesn’t Need A Guy


Being a successful single girl is obviously an amazing thing, just like success, in general, is something to be proud of, and yet it can also make it hard to find a guy who isn’t totally intimidated. The funny thing about being in this situation is that we’re exactly the type of girl that would be attractive. We’re confident, we’re doing well, we can take care of ourselves, and we have our own lives. We’ve got it all going on, basically. Guys want that… but some are freaked out by it.

“I think women who are emotionally independent are pretty intimidating. They don’t really need you and that’s scary.”

As this guy put it in his Reddit post, he doesn’t think that women who can take care of themselves need a guy, and he’s more likely to find that to be a negative thing than a positive one. This has probably happened to us at least once. All we can do is believe that the right guy is out there and he won’t be worried about this at all. He’ll love all of these qualities. It just sucks waiting to meet someone who doesn’t find us intimidating just because we’re independent and confident.

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