17 Simple Things You Can Do This Morning to Guarantee a Successful Day

Eat from the bottom up

Toasted bread served with butter on plate

It sounds strange, but if you want to lower your calorie intake, flip your buttered toast or salted potato rounds upside down. “When you eat foods this way,” Devin Alexander, a chef and former host of FitTV’s Healthy Decadence, told Health, “the flavor hits your tongue right away, and you taste more of it. Ultimately, that means you can cut out at least half the belly-bloating salt or butter.”

Savor some fun

Woman with red nails sitting and holding a hot cup of coffee

Many people dread having to face a new day of work, school, or chores, says Steve Orma, PhD, a clinical psychologist and the author of Stop Worrying and Go to Sleep. But if the first thing you do is pleasant, you’ll find it much easier to get going. “This can be meditating, having a cup of coffee as you read your favorite blog, jour­naling, etc. Choose activities you enjoy and that set you on a good path for the day,” Orma says.

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