17 Simple Things You Can Do This Morning to Guarantee a Successful Day

Find a sweet spot

Coffee mug with brown sugar and glass of water set on wooden board.

Everyone should be on the lookout for excess sugar. But a University of Barcelona study found that healthy men and women who drank a caffeinated beverage with sugar before breakfast had a longer attention span and better verbal memory recall than those who started their morning with either caffeine or sugar by itself.

Break your fast twice

Breakfast with eggs bacon and toasts . Food background

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so why not have two? A study published in the journal Pediatric Obesity tracked the weight and breakfast-­eating patterns of 584 students over two years. They found that frequent breakfast skippers showed increased odds of becoming overweight or obese compared with those who ate two breakfasts (one at home and one at school). The sensible takeaway: If you eat more in the morning, you’ll be less likely to snack at night, when it’s harder to burn off calories.

Don’t forget 
the protein

fried sausages on a frying pan on a wooden background

Of course, what you eat also matters. Research presented at a 2013 Obesity Society meeting found that women who ate a breakfast with more than 30 grams of protein (twice as much as most Americans get at breakfast) consumed 175 fewer calories at lunch compared with those who ate a breakfast with just 3 grams of protein. Eggs, plain Greek yogurt, and nuts are all quick, easy protein-rich ways to start your day.

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