17 Simple Things You Can Do This Morning to Guarantee a Successful Day

Making these easy tasks part of your morning 
schedule will improve your nutrition, energy,
and mood today—and beyond.

Try this even before you open your eyes. Lift one arm and begin by stretching each finger, then your hand, then your wrist, and then your whole arm. Move on to the other arm. Then stretch your toes, feet, ankles, and legs. Finally, end with a neck and back stretch that propels you out of bed. You’ve just limbered up your muscles and joints and enhanced blood flow throughout your body, providing a shot of oxygen to all your tissues. Take up the entire length of the bed when you stretch. According to Harvard University psychologist Amy Cuddy, this “power pose” mimics the position of a bold person, making you feel more confident all day long. Try these easy tricks to have a happy morning.

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