15 Things Most Women Tend To Lie About In The Beginning Of A Relationship (According To Experts)

5. She Says She’s In No Rush While She’s Already Making You The One

There comes a time in every thriving relationship when a couple is head-over-heels for each other. It becomes hard to hide their emotions. When both sides are caught up in a blossoming romance, it becomes harder to see things clearly. Having an objective point of view becomes much more challenging. So when the emotions strike and she keeps telling you the things you want to hear, you won’t be as inclined to look at those statements from another angle. If she’s ever said “You’re the one,” then it’s worth examining deeper.

Where are you both at in the relationship? Has it been long enough to warrant a major admission like this?

If there’s any doubt about her motives, don’t hesitate to ask her about it. Something as major as telling someone they’re “the one” is worth exploring. Relationship expert Sarah Jones gives some sage advice to Muscle and Fitness: “If you’re worried something’s up and you come to her with it, does she avoid your eyes?” If you notice she doesn’t want to explore something further beyond simply, “You’re the one,” then something may be up. Does she suddenly become shy and not want to talk about it anymore? If so, then she could be lying.

4. She Says She Loves Your Bestie While She Trashes Him To Her Friends

Hanging out with each other’s friends is important in a relationship. Although her friends may not be your type, part of showing that you’re into her is spending time with them. Is she willing to do the same for you though? Dr. Kat Van Kirk by way of Muscle and Fitness thinks that if she shows jealousy towards your friends, she probably isn’t their biggest fan. She may even keep tabs on you in order to gauge whether you’re with your friends or not. As in, she wants to avoid being with them and will go to extra lengths to prevent her from having to interact with them.

Although she may say she likes hanging out with them, she may not at all. It would be almost too good to be true if she loved hanging out with your friends as much as you did. It’s not the end of the world if she isn’t a fan of your friends. But it could be a problem if she lies about it. While it’d be hard to hear that she’s not a big fan of your friends, it’d be even harder for it to remain a secret. It’s important to find out what she feels about your friends before letting any lies slip out.

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