15 Things Most Women Tend To Lie About In The Beginning Of A Relationship (According To Experts)

7. She Says She’s “Fine”—We All Know What That Means

There’s plenty of things she’s not telling you in the early stages. It’s best not to take it personally. Unless she’s totally crazy and doesn’t want to be with you (which is pretty unlikely in the early stages when two people are still getting to know each other), she’s doing it to get something she wants. But the focus here is not on what she wants, rather what she’s lying about. As reported by the Daily Mail, an Australian study revealed that one of the biggest lies women tell is: “Nothing’s wrong, I’m fine.” It was actually at the top of the list, the single most-told lie women tell in relationships!

She’s not always going to be honest about how she feels, even if you ask her directly.

Sometimes, a woman wants you to already know something is up without needing to ask. She doesn’t’ want you to find out how she feels from asking her. What she really wants is for you to pick up on it an either apologize or comfort her in that situation. What’s surprising, according to the Daily Mail, is that the Australian study (conducted by experts) revealed that “Nothing’s wrong, I’m fine,” is also the top lie men tell in relationships. That’s quite an interesting twist.

6. She’s Broke But Ballin’ On Your Dime

Women are notoriously stereotyped as shopaholics. It’s an unfair stereotype considering how diverse people are and that it’s not possible for all women to act exactly the same. Whether it’s shopping for something they want or related to a more professional manner like someone’s wages or paying off loans, as an example, white lies about money happen all the time.

Before and after she makes an expensive purchase, chances are she’s internalizing it on her own. Plenty of emotions can come out as a result. She could feel embarrassed for spending so much, or even angry at herself for doing something rash. But chances are when it comes down to it, she’ll either hide her expensive purchase completely or lie about how much it cost.

While it may sound like women are dishonest if they make this choice, they’re actually being smart. As Dr. Gina Barreca by way of Psychology Today points out, there are some women who put away small amounts here and there to save up over time. Then, if she ever encounters an emergency or wants to treat herself, she can use that money she’s saved up. That scenario may be a little more old-fashioned considering women work professional jobs just as much as men today. But it also shows that there’s a reason behind what women do financially. They just may not always be honest about it with their guys.

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