15 Things Most Women Tend To Lie About In The Beginning Of A Relationship (According To Experts)

9. She Says She Loves Your Team—But Never Makes It To A Game

People say the whackiest things sometimes in order to stay together. What’s the harm in little white lies if it gets someone what they want, after all? It’s not unusual for her to pretend to be interested in some of the things that you’re interested in. If she starts liking your favorite sports team, there’s probably more behind it than a genuine love for the team. On Muscle & Fitness, relationship expert Sarah Jones thinks you should heed what your gut is telling you. If something feels fishy, pay attention to it. But don’t jump to conclusions. If you’ve been dating her for some time, Jones suggests looking at her past.

Is there anything that indicates she might be lying about her interests? If she pretends to like your favorite sports team or pretends that she enjoys playing catch with you (when she really doesn’t), I think it’s safe to say that her lying is pretty harmless.

But most of all, you should want a relationship to have open-communication without illusions or pressure to do things each of you doesn’t really want to do.

If you get the sense she’s not being truthful and doing activities only for you, it’s worth exploring that feeling. In the end, it could present an opportunity to talk it out with her and bring the relationship to a deeper level.

8. She Says “5 More Minutes” When You’re An Hour Late

Who hasn’t heard her say that she only needs “5 more minutes” when getting ready? As innocuous as it might seem on the surface, most times it’s a fib nonetheless. In actuality, when someone says this, it takes them much, much longer. As Dan Scotti (a lifestyle writer for Elite Daily) points out, she usually says it to buy more time. It’s a little bit of trickery in a sense. She knows that you’re not going to be happy to hear her say how long it’s actually going to take to be ready. So she tells you what you hope to hear. Maybe the real problem is that guys fall for this every time.

When it comes down to it, it’s not really a major lie. Really, she’s doing it because she’s worried about how you’ll react. She already picks up on your frustration (more than likely) when you ask her when she’ll be ready. She may even tell you to wait outside, as Scotti notes, just to make you think it’ll be quick. It’s really sneaky when a girl does this and gets away with it. They always say it so convincingly. But really, she’s lying through her teeth. When she needs to buy time to get ready, she’s a seasoned expert.

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