15 Things Most Women Tend To Lie About In The Beginning Of A Relationship (According To Experts)

11. She Says She’s Au Naturel… Ahem

Some girls feel the need to make changes to their bodies. It can come in the form of something minor, like a new hairstyle, or verge on the extreme, like getting a cosmetic procedure done. Our society tends to put this pressure on women, emphasizing unrealistic depictions of beautiful models to make ‘regular’ women feel inferior and in need of physical change. With that being said, she may carry some of this into dating.

It’s important to make her feel secure and reassured in her body image and about how she looks, no matter what.

If she’s already had work done, she may not be open to fessing up to it. Maybe she regrets doing it and doesn’t want to admit it. Or maybe she wants you to think she’s all natural. Whatever the case may be, this area is ripe for lies.

Relationship guru Sarah Jones shared some advice with Muscle and Fitness: “If she’s not opening up to you at a normal level for how well you know each other, and how long you’ve been together, she might be hiding something.” More than likely, she’s not going to own up to body enhancements on the first date. But over time, hopefully, she feels comfortable, to be honest about it. Otherwise, she may live with the lie for a long time.

10. She’s Nothing Like Her Online Profile Shows Her To Be

Social media makes dating easier and harder at the same time. On the one hand, it makes communication and meeting people easier than ever. On the other, it creates ambiguity and other complicated dynamics. In a sense, a part of dating these days takes place digitally. While traditional dating mostly happened face-to-face, social media allows for nuanced interactions through SMS, message boards and more in order to connect with others. But since the face-to-face aspect is missing, people now communicate through a digital medium where the other isn’t always physically visible. That leaves room for deceit and facades.

While her intentions could be good, she may lie about herself over social media to appear more presentable. If one even considers dating sites like OkCupid, eHarmony along with others, people create profiles to appeal to others. Their wellbeing and future in many ways depend on that first impression and how others perceive them online. As reported by psychologist Ryan Anderson by way of Psychology Today, 53% of participants in a US study admitted to lying online when creating their profiles. In pointing out the obvious, that means more than half of the dating profiles online contain false information. If you take everything in her profile as fact, she might be playing you.

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