15 Things Most Women Tend To Lie About In The Beginning Of A Relationship (According To Experts)

15. She Lies About Just How Many Men She’s Been With In The Past

Our society places a lot of pressure on the intimacy in a relationship. It’s enough that in the early stages of a romance, two people are dealing with their own affection for each other…but what can present a problem for any relationship is bringing up past relationships.

It can really mess with a guy’s head if he finds out that the girl he’s into has been with a lot of other guys.

For some guys, a girl’s past promiscuity could be hard to confront, while for others, it doesn’t matter at all. As psychotherapist Barton Goldsmith writes on Psychology Today, society doesn’t look down upon women who have had numerous boyfriends as much as it used to. But that doesn’t mean it won’t prevent her from lying about how many partners she had in the past.

Everyone has a ‘number’ when they go into a new relationship that represents how many people a person has been intimate with in the past. There’s a possibility that a girl might not be completely honest about this number, or not entirely honest about who those relationships have been with.

But why would she lie? For some guys, it can make or break a relationship if a girl has been with many people. But above all, it’s important to know whether you care about who she’s been with before you. Otherwise, if she means more to you than her history, you’ll do whatever it takes to make it work.

14. She’s Not Totally Honest About What Her Parents Think Of The Relationship

If you really hit things off with her in the beginning, eventually the relationship will mature. More dates and more time together will result in a closer bond. One factor that inevitably comes up at some point down the line is meeting her parents, but there’s not really a set time that this should or shouldn’t take place in a blossoming relationship; it’s more based on the speed of a relationship’s progression, and how comfortable two people are around each other.

When the time for meeting her parents comes around, it can either add depth to a relationship or tension, depending on what terms she is on with her parents and how they act towards you. One of those things that can add tension is if her parents aren’t really your biggest fans.

In situations when the guy doesn’t feel really secure in his potential in-laws’ opinion of him, he may go to her for affirmation. This opportunity can lead women to tell a fib about what her parents really think about you.

According to Thought Catalog, it only works in her favor if she reassures him about her parent’s approval. It’s easy for her to say, and usually, he ends up feeling better as a result. This is the kind of fib that serves as an easy pitfall for guys if he’s unsure about what the parents think about him.

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