15 Signs He Sees You As A Priority, Not Just An Option

When we’ve been reduced to an option, it’s a form of “love betrayal”…

The day one learns that their priority views them only as an option is more often than not indelibly marked in the memory as one of the blackest ones, as the day when everything you ever believed about love and relationships have been shattered and left you feeling totally baffled, disillusioned and unsure if you can fall in love again.

No wonder they say that emotional pain hurts more than physical pain, when you’ve been reduced to an option, it’s a form of “love betrayal” which is, unfortunately, impossible to avoid or prevent as people can rank you low on their priority list for the most incomprehensible reasons. Sometimes it’s simply because they’re not mature or ready enough to handle your love.

There have been a number of articles written about the red flags to watch out for when you’re bearing a rather unflattering title of being your lover’s “just one of many options”, but why be so negative?

Let’s take a look at the bright side of the coin – below are the tell-tale signs that show you might have found that special someone who finally sees you not as “just another girl I stumbled upon”, but rather as a woman positioned seriously high on his priority list. Let’s just hope you can reciprocate his feelings because if you do, fireworks will fly!

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