15 Reasons Why You Should Live With Your Boyfriend Before Getting Married, According to Research

Your friends will take you more seriously

As human beings we tend to take it very seriously what the outside world thinks about our status as a couple. If our own friends are unable to perceive us as a real couple that reflects on our overall outlook. Living together changes that.

It’s a proof of commitment

Living together means the two of you have trusted each other’s company and have completely committed to each other on a personal level. It is not easy to find someone compatible enough for you to actually live under the same roof.

Learn each other’s strengths

Because you’re living with him, it becomes easier to understand where his real strengths lie. You can find out if his strengths complement your weaknesses and allow you to grow as a person. It doesn’t help if both of you have the same weaknesses.

Lean each other’s weaknesses

It is equally important to learn each other’s weaknesses as well. Are those weaknesses bad enough to reflect poorly on your long term relationship goal? Can your strengths make up for his weaknesses? It is important to learn this before properly getting hitched.

IS he serious enough?

You will get to know if he is serious enough about your relationship. So even if the two of you aren’t planning on tying the knot, it can definitely help to know if he isn’t planning on cheating on you somewhere down the line.

Your baggage

Every new person we bring into our lives has their own baggage to carry. We have to analyze if the baggage they carry can weigh us both down. If their baggage can get in the way of our relationship, it might not be a good idea to get married.

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