15 Reasons Why You Should Live With Your Boyfriend Before Getting Married, According to Research

You will have to chip in

Most of the time both partners will have to contribute equally to the rent, bells and other items such as food and grocery shopping. While it is easier to split the bill, it isn’t always convenient because you will have to put up with their demands.

Shared responsibilities

The two of you will share responsibilities. You will be handling those chores which you display a higher skill towards. In your case he might expect you to do all the cooking and cleaning – perhaps at the cost of you day job.

Test each other’s boundaries

The two of you will be able to test each other’s boundaries and see what truly gets under your partner’s skin. IF you don’t like him for who he is, you can always opt out and not choose to marry him.

The sεχ is a little better

Because the both of you are in close proximity, it is that much easier to have intimate encounters. You can explore each other on a more personal level than ever before, this can include all the nasty fetishes he may have in mind.

You get to act like a team

Because the two of you are living under the same roof and know the extent of each other’s financial capabilities, you will begin to act as a team and cooperate with each other as a single, cohesive unit.

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