12 Signs You’re Walking on Eggshells in Your Love Life

#7 Your partner’s flaws. A relationship is all about growing together. Both of you need to reveal each other’s flaws so both of you can become better individuals and a much better couple. Do you constantly overlook your partner’s faults or try making it up for them?

If you truly care about your relationship, you need to help your partner see their own flaws and grow out of it. Sweeping your lover’s flaws under the carpet will only make your partner take you for granted.

#8 Decision making. In a perfect relationship, both partners take all decisions together. How does decision making work in your relationship? If you leave all the decision making to your partner, you’ll end up feeling weak and powerless, which will only increase the insecurity in the relationship.

#9 Eager to please. Do you always try to please your partner, just to win their affection? Everything in a relationship should be given and taken mutually. If you’re the only one doing all the giving, you’d end up forgetting your own wants.

When your whole world starts to revolve around your partner and your own wants take a secondary place in your mind, it may only be a matter of time before you start feeling like a slave instead of a lover. Voice your own opinions and treat your partner as an equal, not as a superior.

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