12 Signs You’re Walking on Eggshells in Your Love Life

#3 Biting your tongue. Do you refrain from speaking your mind to your partner, especially when you feel like what you have to say will anger them? Holding your thoughts back just to make your partner feel better will never save a relationship. In fact, it’ll only make your partner more dominant, mean and annoying.

#4 Suspicions. Do you feel very suspicious about your partner’s behavior? At times, it may be your own insecurity, but almost always, it could be your instinct kicking in. When you’re in a happy relationship, there should be no insecurities or suspicions at all.

If you can’t stop doubting your partner no matter what they say or do, both of you are probably wrong for each other in the first place.

#5 You’re not happy. Is your relationship leaving you depressed or unhappy? Why are you still holding on to the relationship? If the only reason you’re in the relationship is your fear of abandonment or the fear of loneliness, that’ll only leave you unhappy for as long as you stay in the same relationship.

#6 Intense insecurities. Do you feel insecure or jealous if your partner speaks to an attractive someone? This may be your own fault, or at times, your insecurities may grow because of the way your partner behaves around you.

If you truly know your partner loves you, you’d never feel insecure about your relationship. It doesn’t matter whose fault it is, but unless both of you can banish the insecurity, you’ll still be walking on eggshells for a very long time.

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