12 Facts of Trail Life Only True Backpackers Will Understand

4. The most stressful part of your day is deciding where and when to poop

This is legit the worst part of backcountry camping.

5. You always have a lighter and knife stashed in your pockets, just in case

You may be so used to carrying your survival essentials that you tend to forget about them… and the TSA has confiscated them several times.

6. Your idea of “luxury goods” is a jacket from Arc’Teryx

Maybe one day…until then: Area Hiker Discovers Yet Another Piece of Gear He Needs to Buy at REI

7. The buzzing sound of a swarm of mosquitoes strikes fear into your heart


8. You only need an inch of foam and a patch of dirt for a comfy night’s sleep

Tempurpedics are overrated.

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