12 Dating Stereotypes of Women in a Man’s Mind

#11 The prude. This is the girl who doesn’t like talking about sεχ, or anything sεχu∂lly. She may be interesting to date, but her stuck up behavior could leave any guy bored of her. She’s too stiff, doesn’t like dirty jokes or doing anything reckless now and then, and definitely doesn’t like trying something new in private.

She may know everything about sεχ already, but she pretends like it’s such a bad thing. And this faà§ade of prudishness that she portrays to the world could put any guy off because she’ll come off as a fake more than anything else.

#12 The perfect girl. No guy really knows the real definition of a perfect girl because it differs from one guy to another. But if a guy likes a girl or falls head over heels in love with her, chances are, she’s the perfect girl for him.

But if you want a hint on how to be this stereotype and make every guy fall for you, for starters, learn to behave like a girl. The only reason why guys are so drawn to women is because of how awesomely different girls are from guys. Smile more, laugh more and be more of a girl when you’re with a guy. Really, it doesn’t make you seem silly even if your ungirly friends say it does.

There are many more personal stereotypes of women in a guy’s mind when it comes to dating and love. But these 12 types should sum up most of them. Do you have any dating stereotypes yourself?

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