12 Dating Stereotypes of Women in a Man’s Mind

#7 The off-limits woman. This is the woman a guy wouldn’t pursue or date even if he finds her extremely attractive. Confident guys aren’t afraid of stealing girlfriends when they get a chance, but if a girl’s dating his good friend, or if his single friend likes a girl, any good guy would stay away from her even if he finds himself falling for her. It’s just the way guys work, unless they’re backstabbers who don’t care about friendships.

#8 The gold digger. Everyone knows this girl. She’s the one who dates a guy only after evaluating how much he can spend on her. As a girl, you may not realize it, but there are more gold digger stereotypes out there than you think.

When a girl talks to a group of guys, but gives more attention to the guy who drives a sports car, chances are, in a guy’s mind, she’s definitely a gold digger. A gold digger isn’t necessarily a bad woman. It’s just that money is pretty up there in her list of priorities. Guys are attracted to gold diggers and do date them, but only if they’re smitten by them and don’t care about splurging on the girl just to keep each other happy.

#9 Sugar momma. There are different kinds of sugar mommas. There are the rich older women who’ll splurge on a guy just to get into his pants. And then, on the other extreme, there are nice and sweet girls who’ll pay every time the guy and the girl go out to dinner *just to win a guy’s affection*.

There’s nothing wrong with being a sugar momma, but most guys don’t take these girls seriously or look for a long term commitment with them. Always remember, make a guy work for your affection by keeping him on his toes. Don’t try to buy his affection, it never works.

#10 The guy chick. This is the friendly and yet, attractive girl. She’s definitely dateable, but her boyish behavior could put many other guys to shame. She’s into burping games and drinking bottoms up, and she loves a good game. Guys like the guy chick because she’s always fun to hang out with, and the sεχ is good. But after a while, a guy who dates a guy chick would always start to feel like he’s in a relationship with another guy, and not a girl.

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