12 Dating Stereotypes of Women in a Man’s Mind

#3 The backup woman. This is the woman a man smooth talks and flirts with all the time. He occasionally goes out with her too, but he doesn’t really date her or fall for her. A backup woman is the woman a guy keeps as his backup, for days when he’s lonely or unable to get any girl to date.

She’s always ready to meet the guy at his beck and call, because she has a small crush on him already. And he takes her easy because she’s always available for him. To a guy’s friends, a backup girl is like owning a second car. The guy who has a backup girl is almost always looked up as a great dude because he gets a girl to date or make out with whenever he wants.

#4 The unattainable woman. This is the woman who’s so hot and awesome, a man shrivels up down there just thinking of approaching her. She’s extremely confident and attractive, and she has a great job. Most guys would never even dream of approaching her and would be happy just lusting after her from far away. She’s the kind of girl only really great guys approach, and most lower mortal men see her as a sexy but snotty bitch.

#5 The woman who thinks she’s hot stuff. This woman is the butt of all jokes on a guy’s night out. Ever met a girl who thinks all guys are attracted to her or trying to hit on her wherever she goes *even though you know for a fact that no guy is actually interested in her*?

Well, this stereotype is that girl. They crave for a guy’s attention all the time, and pretend like it’s the guy who’s actually trying to win their attention. Guys hate women who think they’re hot stuff when they’re really far from it.

#6 The high maintenance woman. This is the girl who can be a great date and a great girlfriend, but she’s just too difficult to please or afford. She’s probably the girl that’s born with a silver spoon or has been raised by aristocratic parents who have spoilt her with riches. She always looks like she just stepped out of a magazine photo shoot and is incredibly attractive, but she’s also out of reach of guys who don’t have deep pockets. And in most cases, she has no idea she’s high maintenance!

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