12 Dating Stereotypes of Women in a Man’s Mind

The 12 dating stereotypes of women in a man’s mind

If you were a guy, and hanging out with your group of guy friends, bonding over a beer, you’d find these stereotypes of girls crop up every now and then in a conversation about girls.

All guys use these terms and a few more to categorize girls they notice at work or in college.

Read these 12 stereotypes, and ask yourself the secret question, where would the guy you like stereotype you?

#1 The one night stand woman. To a guy, this is the girl who’s extremely easy to sleep with. She’s probably slept with half the football team or a department at work. This kind of a girl may think she’s sεχu∂lly confident.

But to a guy, he’d think all he needs to do is take her out to dinner and buy her a gift, and she’d screw him in return. The sad part here is that all guys speak about this girl like she’s trash. They’d say they’d never hook up with her ever, but secretly every guy wants to sleep with her because she’s just so damn irresistible and sexy!

#2 The nice girl. The nice girl is a sweet girl that every guy likes. Guys like her company but don’t always date her because she seems like such a nice person. This girl usually falls straight into the friend zone because she’s too sweet, too nice and just too warm and friendly to date. She’s the friend all guys want, mostly because she’d give them the right introductions and the access to get to know other girls.

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