10 Things I’ve Learned About Love in the Last 10 Years

10. Don’t stop believing.

We’ve all been rejected. We’ve all been hurt. We’ve all had our hearts shattered. We’ve all been in things that ended unexpectedly, and made no sense. We’ve been cheated on, manipulated, and left alone. And after a while, these experiences catch up with us and cause us to stop believing. Love becomes Santa Claus, or a very hot stove we choose to stay away from.

But here’s the thing: What we believe will be the rudder of where we will go. This isn’t just with love, it’s with everything: Our beliefs determine our experiences. So if we stop believing in our ideal love, we will never experience the kind of love we dream about. Love will just be an idea. A billboard. A commercial.

So, we must continue to believe, with every fiber of our being. You have to, if not for you, then for us. Because if we all stopped believing, love would grow extinct, and we would all just become empty soda cans.

Life is about love. And love is what teaches us how to live.

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