10 Early Warning Signs He’s Going To Stray In The Relationship And 10 Reassuring Signs He Won’t

When you get into a new relationship, you can’t ever imagine things going south.

What’s the most common storyline in a romantic comedy or juicy teen drama? You would probably think cheating since that’s something that seems to happen all the time. Whether the main character literally walks in on their partner in bed with someone else or three characters get involved in a crazy love triangle, it seems like no fictional person is ever loyal to the person that they claim to love.

When you get into a new relationship, you can’t ever imagine things going south. You’re in the honeymoon period, everything is new and thrilling, and you really care about each other. Once you’ve been with someone for several months and then years, it’s definitely possible that life will get in the way and start to ruin the love that you two share. Maybe you have suspicions that your boyfriend isn’t being faithful to you, or maybe you know deep down in your soul that there’s just no way that he would ever have eyes for someone else. No matter what’s going on in your love life, you’ve totally come to the right place. Read on to find out 10 early warning signs he’s going to cheat in the relationship and 10 reassuring signs that he won’t!

20. Warning Signs: He’s Super Close To His Ex-Girlfriend

It’s pretty common to talk about your past relationships after the first few months of dating… and it’s always awkward AF. There’s really no getting around that, though, since you’re curious about who your boyfriend has dated before (and he feels the same way about your list of exes).

Hopefully your boyfriend’s last relationship is truly and really over and he knows that being with you is so much better. If he’s still super close to his ex-girlfriend, though, that’s definitely an early warning sign that he just might cheat. That’s a sign that she’s not actually ancient history and that he’s still thinking about her. After all, why would he want to keep her in his life if he wasn’t thinking about going back to her?

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